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While it is not a large place, St Croix is the largest of all the US Virgin Islands with 82 square miles of land mass. It sits just 35 miles south of St. Thomas and is an unincorporated territory of the United States and former capital of the Danish West Indies.

There are two popular towns to live: We can give you Christiansted information and Frederiksted will be coming soon. Each of the two major towns are unique and distinctive. Christiansted is a lovely little Danish town rich in history, so rich in fact, that parts of it were declared a National Historic Site. The town’s symmetry, with streets running at right angles to the waterfront, makes it popular for walking tours. The shopping area centers on King and Company streets, adjacent to the Christiansted National Historic Site.


The town has several small hotels and many restaurants. Christiansted featured in Lonely Planet’s Cities Book: A Journey Through the Best Cities in the World at number 159. Basketball super star Tim Duncan is a native of Christiansted. Frederiksted has a wonderful old plantation look and some of the prettiest rain forest sites in the world.


St Croix and St Thomas share about the same amount of households and your new home or vacation property is selling at great prices right now. Check with our St. Croix istings for the most up to date prices.

Legendary Inns on St. Croix the Pink Fancy Bed and Breakfast located on Prince Street. It is also in the National Registry of Historic Places. Not two minutes away from the Pink Fancy is a lovely sea side boardwalk and the Seaborne Airlines. Shops in Christiansted allow you double of duty free purchases. You can take up to 1600 dollars worth of goods to the US. It is only 800 other places.

Fredericksted is full of colorful buildings along the ocean front.The National Park Service of the US Department of Labor brought parts of Christiansted’s special historic landmarks under her protection with 7 acres mostly revolving around the waterfront or wharf. St. Croix takes great pride is the 5 specific buildings unique to St. Croix Real Estate that will never come up for sale: Fort Christiansvaern, built in 1738, Danish West India and Guinea Company Warehouse built about ten years later, The Steeple Building, built in 1753, The Danish Custom House not quite as old being built in 1844, and the Scale House 1856. They each have their own stories and grand architecture.

No matter what kind of St. Croix Real Estate you decide on, you are going to be so happy you chose to live on this wonderful island. It is a great place to be active and enjoy life like never before. It is truly a place where a family can settle in for generations on end. Now is definitely the time to start shopping for real estate in St. Croix.

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